Play a media segment in a loop with ExoPlayer

Mysochenko Yuriy · August 17, 2023

ExoPlayer provides an easy way to play a selected part of a media that also works for live streams. We consider two ways to achieve it.

I use ExoPlayer from Media3, version "1.1.1":


In order to configure clipping for the media a MediaItem has the clippingConfiguration field:

val mediaItem = MediaItem.Builder()

To set the media segment we need two methods from ClippingConfiguration.Builder:

fun setStartPositionMs(startPositionMs: Long) - sets the start position in milliseconds which must be a value larger than or equal to zero.

fun setEndPositionMs(endPositionMs: Long) - sets the end position in milliseconds which must be a value larger than or equal to zero. There is a special constant to indicate that the end position is the end of the media - C.TIME_END_OF_SOURCE. This constant is equal to Long.MIN_VALUE.

To play the media in a loop we need to set the repeatMode:

exoPlayer.repeatMode = Player.REPEAT_MODE_ONE

After these steps ExoPlayer starts to play the selected media segment infinitely.

Under the hood, the player uses ClippingMediaSource to clip the media segment, we can use it directly:

val mediaSourceFactory = DefaultMediaSourceFactory(context)
val mediaItem = MediaItem.fromUri(VIDEO_URI)
val mediaSource = ClippingMediaSource(

Note, there is one important difference, MediaItem.clippingConfiguration methods take the time in milliseconds, whereas ClippingMediaSource constructor takes the time in microseconds. 1 millisecond is 1000 microseconds. To convert you can use the utility method from the media3 library:

androidx.media3.common.util.Util.msToUs(timeMs: Long)

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